Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Kind Of Sparring Gear To Use?

What type or kind of sparring gear should I use when training? This is a common question when you first start training in the martial arts. From Kenpo to Taekwondo most styles will use a foam type of sparring gear. Occasionally you will see Vinyl gear or perhaps even cloth gear but the industry standard is foam sparring gear (like the ones you see here

This type of gear will usually last about 1 year if you are sparring hard but still wiping it down after each use. The constant sweat can eat away at the foam so you will want to have a cloth in your gear bag to wipe down the sweat on the gear.

An example of foam gear:

An example of vinyl sparring gear:

Now these are just examples of the punches but they also have head protectors, foot protectors and chest guards. Of course sizing your sparring gear is important too. Especially if you are ordering online. An easy way to size is to try one someone elses gear that is close to your size. Then just order their size in the same brand.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nick Cerio's Kenpo - How To Basic Self-Defense

You are in luck. I found this video on youtube. This is a great video by one of the original Kenpo Masters. If you want to know what Kenpo is about you will want to watch this looong video!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Does Kenpo Not Use Kung Fu Sashes?

I was told Kenpo comes from the Chinese martial arts. So I was wondering why they do not use Kung Fu Sashes instead of karate belts?

My only observation or answer would be that karate belts are easier to use and buy. Especially back in the early days of the martial arts in the USA. Where would they go to get a genuine sash in the 70's?

Also the karate uniforms were a bit easier to wash and wear. As the kung fu uniform would rip easier.  So there you have it - the reason why Kenpo does not wear the Gunf Fu Sash!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nick Cerio Kenpo Hands - How They Work

Another great video by one of the great Masters of Kenpo. This video explains how you use your hands to subdue your opponent.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kenpo Methods

The methods in Kenpo are definitely primarily based on quick human actions. No tool can be used by martial artists who practice Kenpo. As a way of mind-boggling the opposition basically, the human anatomy can be used in sequence. The institution of contemporary Kenpo is created manually with hand strikes and kicks. Aside from this, Obstructing, securing, pounding, putting, etc., will also be emphasized in this style form. Ostensibly, these methods are a number of human anatomy strikes carried out in series that's currently in the pipeline, so that a possible protection for any particular scenario could be created. There three phases or degrees in which Kenpo martial arts is taught, which would be the Ideal phase, Formulation phase, and the What-If phase. People who desire to discover Kenpo get began using the standard White belt, then; they steadily mix various levels till they advance to Black belt. The belt systems of various businesses often vary, but broadly speaking, they include the subsequent belt colors: - White - Yellow - Orange - Purple - Blue - Green - Brown - Black To be able to become automated and normal at Kenpo, the fundamental methods need to be discovered. The actions should be efficient, brief and rapid. definitely, lots of exercise, ardour and consistency are required to achieve this. They are able to take advantage of the different simple approaches for self-defense against an opponent once the technique isn't known, As Kenpo professionals acquire knowledge and development. That can make Kenpo a perfect style for self-defense. The methods contained in Kenpo aren't as difficult as those in fighting styles like Kung-fu to handle. Kenpo martial arts is concentrated, difficult battle and easy with raw fighting or striking and pace in the place of bodily power, ergo folks of {each or physique may discover it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kenpo Karate Concepts in Motion by Master Ed Parker

A great video on how to use the concepts of Kenpo while being fluid. Explained by the American Father of Kenpo Ed Parker himself!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hanging and Displaying My Kenpo Belts

I am always looking for ways to hang my belts without being overly gaudy. My teacher always hung them on nails that were just stuck in the wall. This worked well when I had lots of wall space. But my current room has pictures and other items so hanging them on the wall in that manner is not ideal. So I asked around to see what other people were doing to display their rank belts. My buddy John recommended I looked around their site and it seems to be nice.

So what I plan on doing is collecting all my old rank belts from all the styles I studied and plan on ordering 3 different wall displays since I have 3 different styles I trained in.

Here is one of them that I plan on ordering:

It looks nice and it will fit all 8 of my belts. I have a shelf that I plan on putting it on.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

An Over-all Introduction to Kenpo Karate

Kenpo martial arts is a type of fighting style, the foundation which could be traced in Japan and India. It's thought these techniques were first created in the 16th-century and was inspired from the localanimals. In those times, the animals were observed from the martial artists and a number of their protection methods, and their battling techniques were integrated in Chinese language martial arts and the conventional Japanese. Actually, Kenpo means 'legislation of the fist' and it's eventually a system of self-defense not approaching art or even a sport. Whilst the father of American Kenpo martial arts is Edmund Parker, the late Senior Grandmaster, launched Kenpo in The United States. The martial art was changed by him and many ideas; many maxims, ideas and new methods were incorporated by him in this martial art form. He gave named it Chinese language Kenpo, once the martial art was initially embraced by him, but later he began as American Kenpo martial arts. Nevertheless, the fundamental methods of American Kenpo and Chinese language would be the same. Actually, he usually advised and inspired his students to create new methods that were tailored to specific needs.  kenpo karate.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The First Kenpo Post

Hi everyone. This is my blog about Kenpo. I first started training in Kenpo about 14 years ago. This is one of my favorite styles. You have the fast hand strikes and quick low kicks that make this an effective self defense style.

So I will focus on kenpo for this blog. A lot of how to videos and general information.