Monday, May 5, 2014

Chuck Norris: would have done well in MMA

A nice video where Chuck Norris explains how well he would have done in MMA competition if it were around back in his day... the 70's.

In fact I believe him when he says he would have done well.

Gracie BJJ and Chuck Norris

I enjoyed this video about the Gracies. Here is Chuck Norris discussing his first meeting with them. Kind of an eye opener!

MMA Training and a Smith Machine?

Have a look at any fitness center where weight-training is happening and you're more likely to view a copy in the Smith devices. These powerhouses for body building are favorites of significant trainers and these just beginning. Having an ability to mix-up a workout routine, this gymnasium machine is ideal for industrial settings. Are these worth for exercising at house to evaluation? You bet!

Even MMA fighters use this machine to help with upper body strength. Learn more at