Monday, October 28, 2013

Hanging and Displaying My Kenpo Belts

I am always looking for ways to hang my belts without being overly gaudy. My teacher always hung them on nails that were just stuck in the wall. This worked well when I had lots of wall space. But my current room has pictures and other items so hanging them on the wall in that manner is not ideal. So I asked around to see what other people were doing to display their rank belts. My buddy John recommended I looked around their site and it seems to be nice.

So what I plan on doing is collecting all my old rank belts from all the styles I studied and plan on ordering 3 different wall displays since I have 3 different styles I trained in.

Here is one of them that I plan on ordering:

It looks nice and it will fit all 8 of my belts. I have a shelf that I plan on putting it on.

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